freedom of speech

freedom of speech

While some would like us to look away from the chaos and corruption of the world and imagine the world is rosy instead, evil lurks. Yes, there is too much negativity in the world. Yes, we should not add to it. But let our voices not be silenced to the evil that lurks where it wants to stay hidden among the leaves ready to hurt the vulnerable.

Yes, there is beauty in the world. It reigns at the top of the stem.


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A Postcard


When I was a little girl growing up on a hog farm in southeast Michigan, I often sat up in a huge apple tree in our front yard. There I would dream about life far away from the farm. On sunny summer days, I would daydream about children on the other side of the world in the warmth of the sun. As I pondered underneath the noonday sun, I imagined them gazing at the same moon and the stars I saw last night and how they would be daydreaming underneath same sun tomorrow.

Were those children just like me?

What did they dream about when they saw the same sun, moon and stars as me?

Do they also dream about me the way I dream about them?

I believe we are all the same around the world when we daydream and stargaze. And I also believe we are even more the same than what social media and the political media would have us to believe.


all the same
underneath the sun
worlds apart

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Photo taken on the first day of summer in southeast Michigan by my childhood and life-long friend, Julia Tiede Iveson.


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