lonesome love

This is week is Valentine’s Week. My husband, Vinny Sal and I were married 26 years ago on the Hawaiian Island of Maui in Lahaina on Febuary 14, 1993. My friend and photographer, Julia is vacationing there this week with her family. She is sending me albums of photos she has taken and I am truly inspired!

A Maui Sunset taken at Papalaua Beach Park.

Photography by Julia Tiede-Iveson.


lonesome love - maui

an old tree
nothing between them
but the sea

lifting up
whispers from the waves
her prayer

faithful heart
she waits on the shore
his return


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The Poetry in My Life

Twenty five years ago on a beach in Lahaina on the island of Maui, I married my love, Vinny Sal on Sunday, February 14, 1993. He continues to be the love and poetry in my life.

This is a self-photograph of Vinny Sal several years before I met him. But even then I was dreaming about him…

Vinny Sal Soul Mate

Over 25 years together…

Blue Eyes

Happy 25th Anniversary!

Valentine’s Day

Love, Sheri


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