calming joy

stepping out
from weeping willows
a presence

unifying whisper
calm refrain

a bidding
joining together

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calming joy

calming joy

On Wednesday, January 20, 2021, we welcomed the inauguration of President, Joe Biden and Vice President, Kamala Harris. May we begin anew the renewal of our patriotic vow to raise up our nation, the United States of America together as the greatest nation on earth and the leader of the world.

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Our country, the United States of America is currently distressed right now with our government’s shutdown from the showdown between the U.S. Administration and the U.S. Congress. With a new set of fresh faces and the indomitable will of the American people, I believe good will conquer evil.

This morning’s photo from my friend, Julie reflects that no matter what America is always on guard protecting its people and shores with or without a wall. We stand to adhere to our democratic principles. We honor our military, government workers, and all who continue to serve and work without pay while our leaders struggle with decency and honor.

bald eagles

noble sentries
good versus evil
bald eagles


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Photo Credit: Julia Tiede Iveson, Somerset, Michigan



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