Today’s Reality: Thanksgiving

This is the fourth post in a series titled, Today’s Reality. The series will chronicle my journey to remission from Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML). My outlook as I begin this new phase in my life and blog series is living in the moment in mind, body, and spirit. I am not angry. I refuse to be sad. I am determined to live a long life with love and peace in my heart with the confidence of a better tomorrow filled with joy and humor.

My oncologist is pleased with my progress in my remission mission. I am grateful to all my friends, family, and followers who have lifted me up in prayer and who have sent me gifts and messages of hope and encouragement. THANK YOU!

2020 thanksgiving

lifting me
on prayer wings
a choir

healing me
angelic voices
a balm

loving me
joyful remembrance
a true gift

© 11.2020 SL Prielipp-Falzone

This series, Today’s Reality will also offer a spiritual perspective on my website, The Prayer Journals, as well as, a commentary perspective on my website, The Blogging Owl. I hope you will also follow me on those blogs too!

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the prayer shawl

weaving my words
in and out
pushing them upward
a loom of emotions
tie-dyed threads
emerges a pattern
of a life lived
on prayer


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in love

Every morning I spend time in prayer and meditation. This morning I wrote in part the following in my prayer journal and posted it on one of my Facebook pages, The Prayer Journals:

The Prayer Journals 6-18-19

Then my friend, Julie, who often texts me photos at all times of the day or night, sent me a photo of this morning ‘s sunrise in which I had already penned a poem on this morning’s meditation.

Now some people will say God works in mysterious ways. I don’t happen to believe that to be true at all. I believe if we are conscious of God’s presence in all of our moments then there is no mystery. So receiving Julie’s text this morning  for me was a natural communication from God with two friends.

in love 1 john

eyes closed
into his presence
i awoke

casting out
his rays of beauty
my fears

breathing in
i close my eyes
perfect love


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PC: Julia Tiede-Iveson


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going to church

Recliner Pew

church service
our spiritual place
in our pew

praising Him
powerful sermon
sing amen

calming the waters
finding the joy once again
celestial fix


a prayer
written on the waves
love abounds


The beauty of Lake Michigan.

Ludington, Michigan

Pure Michigan

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Where the Eagle Prays

Eagles pray


This photo was taken the last week of June 2018 of Mount St. Helens by my friend, Julia Tiede Iveson. An inspring photo of the beauty and majesty of this great land. May we never forget the men and women who sacrificed for our country, The United States of America.


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Praying the Psalms

So many praying to be free all over the world. Each wanting to love and be loved.

Photo taken by Julia Tiede Iveson on the first day of summer in southeast Michigan.

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Restless Night

I have suffered from insomnia for years and years. It is agonizing when my writing brain or computer will not shut down.

Last night was another one of those evenings when I just randomly think of people in my life. Some people of passed and some people are simply out of reach – grandparents, friends and mentors.

sweet prayers

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In My Opinion

I am abstaining from giving any opinions during the 40 days of Lent. Unless my opinion is asked and or moves the conversation in a positive direction, I am remaining silent in hopes of becoming a more thoughtful person in mind, body and spirit.

In My Opinioin


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