sunday’s joy

take my hand
listen to silence
peaceful joy

from heaven
deliberate love
no calling

snowflakes fall
their random landing
a blessing

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“sunday’s joy”

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the guardian



Yesterday’s controversies of the 2019 marches – The Women’s March and The March for Life are still reverberating today.

As a woman and a Christian, I am pro-choice, which is not to say I favor abortion. My decisions are between God and myself. Not all circumstances are the same. My clarity with decisions rest in His peace.


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lay me down


like the Vietnam war

no homecoming for the innocent
shame the prosthetic

a gangrenous rage

like a warm pungent cheese

counting years
like yesterday
no separation
not even death

without repentance

lay me down
by peaceful waters


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My spiritual place on earth where I find peace.

Video: Ludington State Park, Ludington, Michigan




Sing Amen

Guiding Light

May peace, joy, and love of Christ’s mercy be ours now and forever. Amen


guiding light
now and forever
sing amen

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Photo taken on the first day of summer in southeast Michigan in a series of photos by Julia Tiede Iveson.

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Country Road

Country Road

Wouldn’t it be nice if our world could enjoy peace?

Is too idealistic to imagine such a world?

Together, is it a possibility?

In that moment when the setting sun dips her toe into dawn on the other side, I dream of peace for you and I on my lonely country road.


imagining peace
setting sun

(c) 2018 SL Prielipp-Falzone

On the first day of summer in southeast Michigan, in a series of photos from my friend, Julia Tiede Iveson.


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