Mother Sun

I was driving into the office early one morning last week. The sun had begun to peek over her earthen bed as I drove east to greet her. But no matter how I fast I would be able to drive nor how long I would not be able to touch her.

As she began to open her eyes wider, I thought about all the other women like her. The women who day after day rise early no matter what the night had done to her, or how dog-tired she was perhaps from working a second job to make the frayed ends meet.

Rising, always rising to meet someone else’s expectations only wanting to lay her head down again for even a moment’s peace before another long night just to rise again to another day’s work.


in yellows,
pinks and melon

past bruised
purples and black

through grays
of nothingness

she never
misses a day


mother sun

Later that morning, my friend, Julia, who is a registered nurse and runs the cardiac rehab floor of a community hospital and a photographer texted me this photo. Funny how the two of us see the world the same yet from different perspectives – her from the other side of the camera lens and me at the end of a fountain pen.


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best friends forever

My best friend since 2nd grade lost her mother last week. We both lost our fathers years ago, mine in 1990 and hers in 1993. Irrespective of our individual relationships with our mothers, the loss brings about a range of emotions. How long will I have with my own mother?

She and her younger sister have been texting me photos all week long as they comb through old photo albums. As it is certainly emotional for them, it is also emotional for me to re-live and fondly remember our childhood together.

Reluctantly, we move to the next phase of our lives without our fathers and her now without her mother. I can only wonder how long before I join her without my mother.

We hold on to the good times, the good memories, and to each other, as best friends forever.

best friends forever


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Mothers of the Fallen

Mothers of the Fallen

Willows bending
Along the banks
Of life’s flowing river
Forever mourning
So great a loss
Of sons and daughters
Whose bravery’s call
So gallantly answered
Their indelible spirits
Drift upon the current
Toward heaven’s sea
One by one
An unbearable toll
For freedom’s sake
Sorrow shades the joy
Reaching for one last touch
Memories reflecting
What could have been
Immeasurable love and pride
Shines brightly as the sun
For they will never be forgotten

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(This poem has been re-posted from The Blogging Owl dated May 27, 2016.)


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A mother will always strive to save her child. Often in dire circumstances, she must choose the best of the worst options.

May we choose empathy towards a mother’s plight to save her children and pray for God’s mercy, peace and love for all.

Photo taken on the first day of summer in southeast Michigan by Julia Tiede Iveson.


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