Our country, the United States of America is currently distressed right now with our government’s shutdown from the showdown between the U.S. Administration and the U.S. Congress. With a new set of fresh faces and the indomitable will of the American people, I believe good will conquer evil.

This morning’s photo from my friend, Julie reflects that no matter what America is always on guard protecting its people and shores with or without a wall. We stand to adhere to our democratic principles. We honor our military, government workers, and all who continue to serve and work without pay while our leaders struggle with decency and honor.

bald eagles

noble sentries
good versus evil
bald eagles


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Photo Credit: Julia Tiede Iveson, Somerset, Michigan



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last whisper, a tribute

This is a difficult post. My friends Tom and Jeanae have rescued and fostered hundreds of senior pets over the years. Their hearts are bigger than their bodies combined. They help these beloved dogs find new homes, and many times, they help them live possibly their best lives unfortunately near the end of their lives. And with each one that crosses the rainbow bridge, it does not get any easier; but with an abundance of love and dignity they walk them to the gate.

The Last Whisper

I am crying for my dear friends at yet another loss, Sidney. But I assure them, that all the pups they have loved and cared for will be there in perfect health and wagging their whole bodies to greet them one day.


last whisper
remember me pal
rainbow bridge


P.S. His full name is actually, “Sidney James aka Chocolate Coconut Bon Bon Bunny aka Practically Perfect Puppy aka Baby Boo.” Who could not love that face and the entire name!!


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michigan december

Nothing beats a sunset anywhere in the State of Michigan. It does not matter the season, pure Michigan sunsets are brilliantly beautiful.

December's Embers

This stunning photo of a pure Michigan December sunset was taken this evening by my friend, Julia Tiede-Iveson.


december’s embers
christmas wish

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Supreme Confirmation of a New Era

My friend, Lisa, who lives in New York posted a photo of the Supreme Court of the United States and wrote:

“This is the Supreme Court of the United States, October 2009. Above the pillars it reads: Equal Justice Under Law. The statue by the pillars is a female figure: The Contemplation of Justice. On the left in front is a personification of Justice: a woman with a balance and a sword.

Why, when we proclaim equal justice, when we personify justice as a woman, why we show a female figure to demonstrate justice being carefully considered, do we not believe women and support and uphold women’s experiences in actual life? Are we simply stone statues forever sitting outside the places where justice takes place?”

After yesterday’s Senate confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh as judge to the highest seat of the United State’s judicial system, I have added my own words to this photo. It is a new era of being a suffragette for those who believe and demand equality for all irrespective of gender identity. It is time for the abused, the assaulted, and the molested to harness our rage and put the toxicity of shame where it belongs – on those who wish to keep us silent.

US Supreme court

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September’s Beauty and Ugliness

September reflections from the Owl Poet.

September 6, 2018

sept 2018

As I drove eastward toward home this evening from the office, the setting sun bloomed from vivid yellow to apricot, melon and deepening hues of lavender. I couldn’t help but continually look in my rear view window knowing that God was reminding me that whatever frustration, despair or worry I had about my day, I can rest in His peace.

pleasing peace
a lavender sky
new day waits

September 9, 2018:

And just like that the cool winds of autumn appeared with cheers from the football stadium echoing among the falling maple leaves on Sunday morning.

change begins
summer is over
school colors

September 10, 2018:

The day draws her shades earlier as the warmth of summer’s love shows his interest elsewhere. Hibernating in her grief until spring brings forth the beauty of a new love, the nights become cold and long.

the shifting shadows
sun and moon

September 11, 2018:

I looked up into the sky as I gently held hands with my 3 year-old and 5 year-old sons. We walked down our ordinary street on a September day awash in the afternoon sun with leaves whispering the daily news with the birds.

No parade in the sky or white streamers on this afternoon. Just an unblemished blue sky, unordinary in an ordinary suburban neighborhood. A sign that my sons would grow up in a world different than mine.

when we all stood for the flag
on 9/11

September 12, 2018:

On a crisp September morning the crows on the overhead wire telecast their news and the Sandhills and Canadas follow suit with their own version. The sun powers up her furnace and the morning dew trickles down from its grassy ledge. The day shiny and new like a bright copper penny.

still exists
freedom of the press
how lucky

Another from September 12, 2018:

seek equality
pledge allegiance to the flag
an advertisement

one nation
where we can all stand
under God

and justice for all
no worries

September 13, 2018:

In the distance I hear the punctuated blare of loneliness passing through the dead of night. Stealing my silence, I wonder where it’s going.

place and time
a train to somewhere

September 15, 2018:

On this Saturday afternoon in September when the sun is still remembering July and the leaves are touched by the first signs of aging, I sit here on the deck outside with an open book that wafts perfume of fresh ink wishing for the caress of Lake Michigan one more time. I should be sitting in my designated pew along her shores dreaming for the day when I would take a day like today for granted because yesterday and tomorrow would be the same as it is today.

But here I am fondly remembering children’s laughter in and around a little white cottage that is located hours and miles away known as Heaven’s Vineyard that now waits empty for its’ new owners to start their summer vacation story. Wistfully, I begin dreaming of writing a new chapter of my own.

middle age
between the chapters
a bookmark

And another from September 15, 2018:

among vacancies
the homeless

pancake sky
like Arizona dust
all choked up

urban wind
from the city grates
lost spirits

September 28, 2018:

wedding day

It would have been wonderful to exit September that somehow everyone in this world could gaze upon this beautiful photo by Julia Tiede-Iveson and become whole like two people exchanging gold bands on their wedding day. Yet, the world is not whole and it is not one in mind, body, and spirit to believe that each one of us deserves to be heard, to be believed, and importantly, to be respected.

September 30, 2018:

sexual molestation

“Our purpose is to please God, not people. He alone examines the motives of our hearts.”

1 Thessalonians 2:4


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Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller

I just finished reading, “Fear” by Bob Woodward today and then my friend, Karen Winters posted a photo of her cat, Jack in her yard. I couldn’t resist.


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