weight of sadness

Weight of Sadness

I met Serbian photographer, Perović Veljko on Instagram. He has granted permission for the use of his photo here with my poem. Follow him on Instagram at Perović Veljko.

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lay me down


like the Vietnam war

no homecoming for the innocent
shame the prosthetic

a gangrenous rage

like a warm pungent cheese

counting years
like yesterday
no separation
not even death

without repentance

lay me down
by peaceful waters


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My spiritual place on earth where I find peace.

Video: Ludington State Park, Ludington, Michigan




Mothers of the Fallen

Mothers of the Fallen

Willows bending
Along the banks
Of life’s flowing river
Forever mourning
So great a loss
Of sons and daughters
Whose bravery’s call
So gallantly answered
Their indelible spirits
Drift upon the current
Toward heaven’s sea
One by one
An unbearable toll
For freedom’s sake
Sorrow shades the joy
Reaching for one last touch
Memories reflecting
What could have been
Immeasurable love and pride
Shines brightly as the sun
For they will never be forgotten

© 2016 Sheri Prielipp-Falzone

(This poem has been re-posted from The Blogging Owl dated May 27, 2016.)


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