in love

Every morning I spend time in prayer and meditation. This morning I wrote in part the following in my prayer journal and posted it on one of my Facebook pages, The Prayer Journals:

The Prayer Journals 6-18-19

Then my friend, Julie, who often texts me photos at all times of the day or night, sent me a photo of this morning ‘s sunrise in which I had already penned a poem on this morning’s meditation.

Now some people will say God works in mysterious ways. I don’t happen to believe that to be true at all. I believe if we are conscious of God’s presence in all of our moments then there is no mystery. So receiving Julie’s text this morning  for me was a natural communication from God with two friends.

in love 1 john

eyes closed
into his presence
i awoke

casting out
his rays of beauty
my fears

breathing in
i close my eyes
perfect love


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The Easter Collection

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Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday Corrected

Good Friday

Good Friday

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He has Risen! He has Risen Indeed!

The Tomb

May all of you be Blessed on this Easter Sunday!


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the guardian



Yesterday’s controversies of the 2019 marches – The Women’s March and The March for Life are still reverberating today.

As a woman and a Christian, I am pro-choice, which is not to say I favor abortion. My decisions are between God and myself. Not all circumstances are the same. My clarity with decisions rest in His peace.


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