alteo’s love

Aletos love

A maiden and a shepherd fall in love.

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Photo Credit: Julia Tiede Iveson


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freedom of speech

freedom of speech

While some would like us to look away from the chaos and corruption of the world and imagine the world is rosy instead, evil lurks. Yes, there is too much negativity in the world. Yes, we should not add to it. But let our voices not be silenced to the evil that lurks where it wants to stay hidden among the leaves ready to hurt the vulnerable.

Yes, there is beauty in the world. It reigns at the top of the stem.


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My artist friend, Marie Hall Holmes painted a watercolor of a lily from her garden. The lily in the watercolor is a “Gold-Rayed Mountain Lily” from the lily species, Lilium Platyphyllum. I loved the painting and purchased it from her. The lily reminded me of my son’s girlfriend, Liana.

Liana with Captn

Liana is an actress, singer and dancer. The photo on the left was taken by my son, Leonardo, who is a commercial photographer.

(c) 2018 Leonardo Prielipp-Falzone

Liana is a very beautiful young woman inside and out not to mention very talented.


I am very pleased with the final framing of my poem, “liana” and Marie’s beautiful watercolor.

IMG_1592 (1)


a heart banded gold
porcelain skin

an independence
fierce spirit

the beauty within
the lily

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Watercolor  by Marie Hall Holmes


Leo and Liana Selfie



Here they are together, Leonardo and Liana, a selfie from a recent night out on the town.

I love these two!





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