joy’s madness

joy's madness

Congratulations to my favorite team, the University of Michigan men’s basketball team for making it into the March Madness Sweet 16! GO BLUE!


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today’s joy

Today's Joy

the night sky
wearing my courage
red velvet

the dawn sky
soothing my fears
soft satin

today’s joy
trusting in promise
bold color

©1.30.2021 SL Prielipp-Falzone
“today’s joy”
PC: Julia Tiede-Iveson

My childhood friend, Julia is a Registered Nurse and photographer. She texts me sunrises on her way to the hospital. I love her with all my heart – always the caregiver!

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calming joy

stepping out
from weeping willows
a presence

unifying whisper
calm refrain

a bidding
joining together

©1.20.2021 SL Prielipp-Falzone
calming joy

calming joy

On Wednesday, January 20, 2021, we welcomed the inauguration of President, Joe Biden and Vice President, Kamala Harris. May we begin anew the renewal of our patriotic vow to raise up our nation, the United States of America together as the greatest nation on earth and the leader of the world.

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sunday’s joy

take my hand
listen to silence
peaceful joy

from heaven
deliberate love
no calling

snowflakes fall
their random landing
a blessing

©1.17.2021 SL Prielipp-Falzone
“sunday’s joy”

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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Christmas card 2020 blog photo

(c) 2020 Poetry by SL Prielipp-Falzone

“Lake Michigan Sunset in September”

PC: Vincent Falzone

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COVID-19: Angels of Mercy

medical angels of mercy

deeper the pain
drawing them close
entering into their grief
they hold the hand
of the dying

sharing the burden
a present spiritual bond
of the unintended absent
leaving their tears
for the living

© 11.2020 SL Prielipp-Falzone
“medical angels of mercy”

My deepest gratitude to all of the medical professionals who tirelessly go to work each day and night to care for the sick and dying. I lift you all up in prayer. May God bless each of our angels of mercy.



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Today’s Reality: Thanksgiving

This is the fourth post in a series titled, Today’s Reality. The series will chronicle my journey to remission from Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML). My outlook as I begin this new phase in my life and blog series is living in the moment in mind, body, and spirit. I am not angry. I refuse to be sad. I am determined to live a long life with love and peace in my heart with the confidence of a better tomorrow filled with joy and humor.

My oncologist is pleased with my progress in my remission mission. I am grateful to all my friends, family, and followers who have lifted me up in prayer and who have sent me gifts and messages of hope and encouragement. THANK YOU!

2020 thanksgiving

lifting me
on prayer wings
a choir

healing me
angelic voices
a balm

loving me
joyful remembrance
a true gift

© 11.2020 SL Prielipp-Falzone

This series, Today’s Reality will also offer a spiritual perspective on my website, The Prayer Journals, as well as, a commentary perspective on my website, The Blogging Owl. I hope you will also follow me on those blogs too!

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