Supreme Confirmation of a New Era

My friend, Lisa, who lives in New York posted a photo of the Supreme Court of the United States and wrote:

“This is the Supreme Court of the United States, October 2009. Above the pillars it reads: Equal Justice Under Law. The statue by the pillars is a female figure: The Contemplation of Justice. On the left in front is a personification of Justice: a woman with a balance and a sword.

Why, when we proclaim equal justice, when we personify justice as a woman, why we show a female figure to demonstrate justice being carefully considered, do we not believe women and support and uphold women’s experiences in actual life? Are we simply stone statues forever sitting outside the places where justice takes place?”

After yesterday’s Senate confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh as judge to the highest seat of the United State’s judicial system, I have added my own words to this photo. It is a new era of being a suffragette for those who believe and demand equality for all irrespective of gender identity. It is time for the abused, the assaulted, and the molested to harness our rage and put the toxicity of shame where it belongs – on those who wish to keep us silent.

US Supreme court

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