All Guilty

Last night as I lay in bed, my friend and photographer, Julie texted me a series of the strawberry moon last night. Whenever she texts me at night, I know that God is inspiring me in some way. I was reading Ephesians 4:30 when she texted the first photo. It was the last one that she texted to me that I knew God was talking to me.

Her photo, Strawberry Moon, helped me to write the blog post, “We are all guilty” on my blog, The Blogging Owl.  The moon always inspires commentary.

All Guilty















Photo Credit: 6.5.2020 JR Tiede-Iveson

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old afghan

old afghan v4

Photograph taken by my son, Leonardo. His girlfriend’s cats, Cisco, Captain and Cora snuggled in the afghan I crocheted for my son a long time ago.

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Mother Sun

I was driving into the office early one morning last week. The sun had begun to peek over her earthen bed as I drove east to greet her. But no matter how I fast I would be able to drive nor how long I would not be able to touch her.

As she began to open her eyes wider, I thought about all the other women like her. The women who day after day rise early no matter what the night had done to her, or how dog-tired she was perhaps from working a second job to make the frayed ends meet.

Rising, always rising to meet someone else’s expectations only wanting to lay her head down again for even a moment’s peace before another long night just to rise again to another day’s work.


in yellows,
pinks and melon

past bruised
purples and black

through grays
of nothingness

she never
misses a day


mother sun

Later that morning, my friend, Julia, who is a registered nurse and runs the cardiac rehab floor of a community hospital and a photographer texted me this photo. Funny how the two of us see the world the same yet from different perspectives – her from the other side of the camera lens and me at the end of a fountain pen.


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gentlest souls

Gentlest Souls

setting sun
      comforting pastels
            velvet pall

      with an august heart
            a prayer

brown sparrow
      clinging to the vine
            an aria

why must the
      gentlest of souls
            suffer most

his sorrow
      evening refrain


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“gentlest souls”
PC: D. Iliew, Varna, Bulgaria


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in love

Every morning I spend time in prayer and meditation. This morning I wrote in part the following in my prayer journal and posted it on one of my Facebook pages, The Prayer Journals:

The Prayer Journals 6-18-19

Then my friend, Julie, who often texts me photos at all times of the day or night, sent me a photo of this morning ‘s sunrise in which I had already penned a poem on this morning’s meditation.

Now some people will say God works in mysterious ways. I don’t happen to believe that to be true at all. I believe if we are conscious of God’s presence in all of our moments then there is no mystery. So receiving Julie’s text this morning  for me was a natural communication from God with two friends.

in love 1 john

eyes closed
into his presence
i awoke

casting out
his rays of beauty
my fears

breathing in
i close my eyes
perfect love


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PC: Julia Tiede-Iveson


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The Easter Collection

Ash Wednesday


Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday Corrected

Good Friday

Good Friday

Holy Saturday

Black Saturday

He has Risen! He has Risen Indeed!

The Tomb

May all of you be Blessed on this Easter Sunday!


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