gentlest souls

Gentlest Souls

setting sun
      comforting pastels
            velvet pall

      with an august heart
            a prayer

brown sparrow
      clinging to the vine
            an aria

why must the
      gentlest of souls
            suffer most

his sorrow
      evening refrain


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“gentlest souls”
PC: D. Iliew, Varna, Bulgaria


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in love

Every morning I spend time in prayer and meditation. This morning I wrote in part the following in my prayer journal and posted it on one of my Facebook pages, The Prayer Journals:

The Prayer Journals 6-18-19

Then my friend, Julie, who often texts me photos at all times of the day or night, sent me a photo of this morning ‘s sunrise in which I had already penned a poem on this morning’s meditation.

Now some people will say God works in mysterious ways. I don’t happen to believe that to be true at all. I believe if we are conscious of God’s presence in all of our moments then there is no mystery. So receiving Julie’s text this morning  for me was a natural communication from God with two friends.

in love 1 john

eyes closed
into his presence
i awoke

casting out
his rays of beauty
my fears

breathing in
i close my eyes
perfect love


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PC: Julia Tiede-Iveson


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The Easter Collection

Ash Wednesday


Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday Corrected

Good Friday

Good Friday

Holy Saturday

Black Saturday

He has Risen! He has Risen Indeed!

The Tomb

May all of you be Blessed on this Easter Sunday!


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alteo’s love

Aletos love

A maiden and a shepherd fall in love.

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Photo Credit: Julia Tiede Iveson


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new urban

Here is a second poetic inspirations in a series of photos taken by my friend and photographer, Julia Tiede-Iveson. She sent me this photo of sea urchins taking over a bed of black lava rock at Kaanapali Beach in Maui. This new ecosystem inhabited by sea urchins reminded me of the newly revitalized midtown area of Detroit.

new urban.jpg

lava life
millennial lofts
sea urchins


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lonesome love

This is week is Valentine’s Week. My husband, Vinny Sal and I were married 26 years ago on the Hawaiian Island of Maui in Lahaina on Febuary 14, 1993. My friend and photographer, Julia is vacationing there this week with her family. She is sending me albums of photos she has taken and I am truly inspired!

A Maui Sunset taken at Papalaua Beach Park.

Photography by Julia Tiede-Iveson.


lonesome love - maui

an old tree
nothing between them
but the sea

lifting up
whispers from the waves
her prayer

faithful heart
she waits on the shore
his return


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polar vortex

winter blues

Photo credit goes to my fellow friend and poet, Mary Ellen Gambutti.

I survived Michigan’s Polar Vortex.

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best friends forever

My best friend since 2nd grade lost her mother last week. We both lost our fathers years ago, mine in 1990 and hers in 1993. Irrespective of our individual relationships with our mothers, the loss brings about a range of emotions. How long will I have with my own mother?

She and her younger sister have been texting me photos all week long as they comb through old photo albums. As it is certainly emotional for them, it is also emotional for me to re-live and fondly remember our childhood together.

Reluctantly, we move to the next phase of our lives without our fathers and her now without her mother. I can only wonder how long before I join her without my mother.

We hold on to the good times, the good memories, and to each other, as best friends forever.

best friends forever


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